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Hi, I’m Abbie

I'm a screenwriter,
podcast producer
and writer.

About me

Together with two friends I formed the video collective De Fatima's (The Fatimas). We became known for our satirical videos in which we challenged the prejudices about women of colour, especially Muslim women.
For a while I worked as a freelance video reporter for the national broadcaster VRT and for the arts and culture sector.
I worked some years for Zomer van Antwerpen (Summer of Antwerp), a large cultural festival.

Subsequently, I was commissioned by several organizations from the arts and culture sector to set up a preparatory theatre course; de nieuwe spelers

For many yearsI worked as a freelancer for the arts and culture sector.
Currently I write for Kif Kif, an organization that combats racism and discrimination.

I write fiction and non fiction. I'm currently working on a film script that received script support from VAF, the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. I'm also - slowly - writing a novel. My interests are displacement, migration and identity.


I'm currently writing my first feature, which has received script support from VAF, the Flemish Audiovisual Fund.

The project was developed during the 2019 script atelier, organized by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, and a script development workshop led by Miguel Machalski.

Podcast producer

I produce and host a podcast called

This Is What I Read.
In this podcast I discuss books from the decolonial and radical feminist spectrum. My guests are people I find inspiring: artists, activists, thinkers, writers and doers.

You can listen to the podcast on

Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and Spotify. Check the links below.

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